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Prof John Atherton writes:  
"What's so good about the book is that it engages faithfully with the world of daily life which is where most people are most of the time - and which is where Church so often isn't. Good on you."

Prof Robin Simmons writes: "I’ve now read Humanising Work – and enjoyed it very much. I think the book will make an important contribution to current debates about the nature of work and employment in the UK and elsewhere. I really like it." 


John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford, writes: "I’ve really enjoyed Practising Jesus. It’s a very lively account of faith informing practical theology which in term informs practical action.  You are an inspirational character and the book reflects well the springs of faith and action within you.  I’m sure that Humanising Work will be equally stimulating." October 2014.

Practising Jesus
received a long and positive review by Phillip Jones, Mission Development Officer - Economy, Diocese of Worcester, in the  January-March 2014 edition of Crucible, The Christian Journal of Social Ethics. 

Prof Fred Robinson, Durham University, writes: "What a good read!I can see how one thing led to another (and I am asking myself if I could produce a similar narrative!) - I really get the sense that parish ministry is good for you at this point too. What next?"

Michael Turnbull, former Bishop of Durham, writes:
 "You have a way of telling a worthwhile story so that it both inspires and challenges... the book breathes your vision and enthusiasm. It is also an interesting social commentary on the last 20 years in particular."

Geoff Mercer, Parish Mission Accompanier:
"I have enjoyed your book thoroughly."

Tricia Howie of JustShare, writes: "
It was so lovely to meet you last night, from everyone at JustShare thank you very much for coming to speak! We thought it was a fantastic evening, many regular JustShare fans, but even more new faces in the audience. It was wonderful to see everyone so engaged over drinks afterwards too. I’ve already had requests for the audio recording. I loved hearing about your experiences, especially the youth apprenticeship schemes and engagement with local communities.. I’m looking forward to taking your book home with me to the States next week and sharing it with friends." [see www.justshare.org to hear Chris speaking about Practising Jesus at St Mary le Bow, Cheapside, City of London, 4 December 2013]

Brenda Ainsley writes: "
I have now started your amazing book. I was fascinated to see David Sheppard featured, he s a thread.. that runs through my life and had shaped you, David Jenkins too. We had a training day on Saturday, needing vision for our beleaguered church, and much that emerged  is what you have written in 1979! Your book is to be shared in our Collegium( ministry team!) and read in parallel  with the excellent Jonathan Sachs."

Richard Atkinson, Bishop of Bedford, writes: "I read Practising Jesus last night. Above all else, it is a wonderful and passionate exposition of the call of the gospel to build Christ's kingdom.. I valued the inclusion of both the articles from Christian News and the sermons. Each in their own ways was thought provoking and stimulating. One of the notable refrains throughout the book is to 'change the world'. It is very inspiring to see your contribution to this over so many years."

Steve Nuth, Vicar of Woburn, writes: " Your book was an interesting read on a number of levels Chris, nearly finished it. It was interesting from an autobiographical career/ministry progression point of view amongst others. It was fascinating to chart the formative influences of experiences and various strands of theological teaching. It is wonderful that God raises up ministers with passion and vision for particular dimensions of the gospel." 

Mary Leake, member of St Michael's congregation, writes: "I have read it with great interest.. I think we are all concerned about youth unemployment and the lack of training facilities. The UTCs and 'bolt on' ideas are brilliant and could make a real difference if sufficent teachers are found and the youngsters are taught skills that will really get them jobs.. As for sermons, I confess I rarely remember them - although I do enjoy them - and it was good to be reminded of the few in your book. Much thought and good teaching goes into them.. I found the chapter on St Paul very difficult to read and understand.. But dipping into it again has made me realise that it deserves more attention than I have given it. Your book has made me think, Chris. I'm not sure why you wrote it like this - but I can see that you are truly searching for new ways to practise Jesus that are relevant to today's changing society.."  

John Hemson, recently moved to Sandwich from Woburn Sands, writes: "I have just read Chapter 1....spot on - just as I have experienced the growing fellowship. I will start to read what is going to be an important journey later today."

Andrew Haughton of The Nomads' Tent, Edinburgh, writes to his customers: "
The Nomads' Tent is delighted to support a courageous new project tackling head on a fundamental and critical problem in our society, headed by Chris Beales. Some of you may know of Chris through his organisation Afghan Action which has given work and training to young people in Afghanistan and has supplied rugs to the Nomads Tent.  He has set up a publishing company and future titles will address youth unemployment, humanising work, and the situation in Afghanistan and other topical issues in education, politics and society. Chris' first book,  'Practising Jesus' will help raise funds for a community development project and social enterprise.  Copies of the book are available at the Nomads Tent as well as from the publisher, Rainmaker Books (

Fr Ken Bowen, parish priest of St Mary's Catholic Church, Woburn Sands, writes: "Congratulations on your book Practising Jesus. I find it hard to put down and totally agree with your sentiments."

Professor John Atherton, Senior Research Fellow at the William Temple Foundation and Visiting Professor in Religion, Ethics and Economics at the University of Chester, writes: "Have now read it and enjoyed it - reads very easily. So much I can connect with - not least because of parallel histories."

Dr Peter Sedgwick, Principal, St Michael's College, Llandaff, Cardiff, writes: "I have read it and much enjoyed it. To the question: do you think the stuff on Paul the entrepreneur is an anachronistic reading and mis-application? No, I think it is a creative reading."




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