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Practising Jesus

The title of this book is 'Practising Jesus'. Chris Beales, its author, has had a life-long passion to make a real difference in the lives of ordinary people both in Great Britain and overseas. The challenges that have driven him are these: how to make sense of God and Christian faith in today’s world and how to live out the gospel in the midst of all the pressures and compromises of daily life. He is concerned to explore what it means to 'practise Jesus', how this impinges on political, economic and social issues, how to relate positively and creatively to people of different faiths and cultures - and how to find effective ways of working together to build a better world for everyone. It's not easy. But Jesus never said it would be.

Price  £ 5.00
Humanising Work (paperback)
 Does the search for meaning in work matter? – and is it even possible to ask such a question against a backdrop of mass youth unemployment, widespread poverty and growing inequality? Drawing on the experience of the Mondragon co-operative movement in Spain and other innovative models of employment and enterprise from around the world, as well as the visions and values derived from his faith, Chris Beales explores how "work" might be humanised and education and employment made not only responsive to what the Economy needs but also purposeful, satisfying and rewarding for people.

Price  £ 5.99
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